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My name is Bear. I play in a band called Talking About Commas and live and work in Providence, RI. I like music.
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Jul 22, 2011

Brad Barr is so good it hurts

Just found this on youtube. "Sarah Through the Wall", the first song he plays before he starts doing some bluesy improv is one of my favorite guitar pieces of all time. ALL TIME!!! I caught the Slip at the Met in Pawtucket last weekend but I didn't really take notes for a review because it was a hometown show and I was with a bunch of friends and in party mode. Once some good video surfaces I'll post that with some show insight, setlist and download links and all that stuff. In the mean time enjoy this.....


So after reading Bob Lefsetz's multiple emails regarding how glorious Spotify is, I got one of his invites for a 6 month free trial. It's fucking awesome. I've been using lastfm and pandora for years but this takes the cake. The free version runs on desktops only and has a couple ads but you can listen to any artist and song you want (provided they are on Spotify). The paid plan gets you no ads and the ability to stream on your phone and even download up the 3,000 songs for off air play.

I'm still going to buy cds and have an ipod because I like the mobility of an ipod without draining my cell battery and CDs sound the best, obvs. When riding in a car it's just the best sound ever. However Spotify lets you hear songs and artists you may not know if you want to spend money on the album. So far I'm just searching for bands that are playing at this year's Newport folkfest to see who to check out that I dont already like - Civil Wars is the best new discovery so far - it doesn't have everyone (notably Gillian Welch or Delta Spirit but it does have Talking About Commas!!!) but hey it is free. It's social too, your facebook friends pop up and you can see what they've been listening to. They create playlists and you create playlists and send them out into the ether for others to discover. here's my first; I call it "Mellow Mood". Enjoy....

Mellow Mood (you have to have spotify to listen to it)

1. Million Dollar Bill - Middle Brother
2. Holocene - Bon Iver
3. Love Me tenderly - Felice Brothers
4. So Well - Dawes
5. Ghost Woman Blues - the Low Anthem
6. Breach - The Tower and the Fool
7. Dear Puppeteer - Nathan Moore
8. A Machine Spiritual (In the People's Key) - Bright Eyes
9. Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars
10. Shame Shame - Dr Dog
11. Dear Avery - the Decemberists
12. Joelle - Surprise me mr Davis
13. Movin Away - My Morning Jacket