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Sep 27, 2006

9/4-6: An Apollo mini-tour

I know people are always telling you to "check out this new band" and usually it goes in one ear and out the next (atleast with me). With the internet changing the way we discover music, there are too many bands for one set of ears to process. My advice: Listen to me and go see Apollo Sunshine ( . Although, they are not that new (they have 2 stellar albums) they are "new to me". I first heard Apollo when they opened for the Slip last NYE at Pearl St. Ballroom in Nothampton, MA. I must admit, I was not immediately sold. However, another run-in at High Sierra this summer and 2 Reno/North Tahoe gigs surely did the trick. Yes its true I may be a little biased (my friend was their tour manager, they stayed at my house, they collectively kicked my ass in whiffle ball) but these guys are one of the best live bands I have ever seen! It's a shame they were the opener on this tour (they supported the Duo) because I could have used a lot more music! Here are the setlists (to the best of my recollection)

Monday 9/4 Ciao, Reno, NV
Bold As Love
I Was on the Moon
new tune**
Sex Machine***
* Off of a compilation album released on David Byrne's label. African sounding.
** slow tune w/ Jeremy on bass.
*** w/ Fred Torphy on guitar.

Wednesday 9/6 Crystal Bay Club, Crystal Bay, NV
P-Funk cover
Today is the Day
African sounding cover
Crosstown Traffic >
I was on the Moon
new tune

The first show was at this wine bar/pizzaria that just opened in Reno. Very nice, but no stage and more importantly, no people. There were about 30 people at this show so Apollo went off for the hell of it. The African cover is a song they heard (according to Jeremy) on a compilation released by David Byrne's "Luaka Bop", a world music label. The nights highlight was a raucous version of James Brown's "Sex Machine" w/ Sam on bass, Fred Torphy on guitar and Jesse doin his thang on the mic and sampler.
The Crystal Bay was a MUCH nicer venue, complete with million dollar lighting and sound gear (seriously, its a casino). The band tore through their set again while mixing it up quite a bit. The back to back "Flip!" and "Today is the Day" (possibly my new favorite song) blew my mind. The standard Hendrix cover however was intriguing because I used to hear the Slip (another Boston-based rock trio) cover the same song ages ago. Who does it better? I'll never tell (hint hint: BAM). The other cool thing was the tight segue from Traffic into the poppy favorite "I Was on the Moon". The highlight of tonight's gig was the redonkulous jam in Phyliss. Apollo certainly orbited the moon that night, what a show.

p.s. The Duo is way overated, nuff said

Sep 17, 2006


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