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Jan 5, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Weezer

I love Weezer. I know in the past 5 year or so they have really become pop culture whores with songs about Beverly Hills, Lady Gaga/MGMT mashup covers, duets with Lil Wayne and an album named after a Lost character but they still are a kick ass band. I'm under the impression that their first 2 albums are their best and they have slowly regressed since then, so when they announced this "Memories tour" in which they would cover all of the Blue Album and Pinkerton on subsequent nights I was all about it. I opted for the Pinkerton show over the Blue Album and I stand by my choice. Although Blue Album is a blockbuster and one of the best debut albums in the last 20 years, Pinkerton is top 10 of all time for me. I know its whiny and self produced but I just love its rawness and intimacy.

The band took the stage for the first of 2 sets and launched in to the new single, "Memories", before taking us down memory lane with a reverse chronological greatest hits set covering every album (except Raditude) and even a couple b-sides ("Susanne" & "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"). Pat was out front on guitar for the first set while some roadie played drums which freed Rivers up to run around the stage, walk through the crowd and climb all over their stage set up. Weezer has a really hardcore following so it was fun to be in a room of 2,000+ people that knew every word to every song. Highlights for me were "Perfect Situation", "Susanne" and the expansive "Only in Dreams" set closer.

Set break lasted about 20min before a slide show was presented by longtime road manager Karl Koch documenting the band's early years. It was full of old pics, show posters and stories were shared. Then came the 2nd set, Pinkerton front to back. From the first feedback of “Tired of Sex” to the last G chord of "Butterfly" I was as happy as a “kid in some kind of a store”. They flawlessly marched through the 14 year old disc to the vast delight of the adoring crowd. The energy during those 35 minutes was insane and I'll never forget it. While sometimes I think band's playing full albums is gimmicky and unnecessary, Pinkerton is one of those albums brilliant from start to finish and they nailed it. Bravo.

Opener/s: Free Energy
Venue Info:
beer sitch: $12 for 24oz Harpoon drafts
parking: Not much street parking in that part of Boston, take the T
layout: Theatre with Balcony
Capacity: 2,763, sold out.

Hits Set: Memories, Pork and Beans*, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn), Perfect Situation, Dope Nose**, Island in the Sun, Hash Pipe, You Gave Your Love to Me Softly , Susanne, Only in Dreams
Pinkerton Set: Tired of Sex, Getchoo, No Other One, Why Bother?, Across the Sea, The Good Life, El Scorcho*, Pink Triangle, Falling for You, Butterfly***

The first set featured Josh Freese on drums and Pat Wilson on guitar. * w/ Brian Bell on vocals for one verse. ** w/ Scott Shriner on vocals. *** Rivers on acoustic, Karl Koch on drums.

Check out this compilation of various songs from the night.....


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