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Mar 11, 2010

Big Light: New Album and First ever East Coast shows

I know Ive written about these guys recently but that was sort of a teaser, if you will. Now, the album is out and the band is on the road. Animals in Bloom is the sophomore release (first full length) by the band Big Light, and tonight they will rock New Jersey! Didnt see that one coming eh? First let me mention what they will be playing before where.

After the bouncy but edgy “Good Time of the Year” (think, what Phish could have accomplished with “Backwards Down the Number Line” if they didn’t seek lyrical advice from 10 year olds) we finally get “Monster”. I have to say I'm a bit biased as I was one of the first people front man Fred Torphy taught the song to years ago; and I engineered it's first recording in my old living room in Tahoe with members of my old band, Two Out Rally. Anywho, aside from the “Scooby Doo Do” stuff in the beginning, this song has matured into an effing gem. A punchy rhythm, huge guitars and Torphy's fragmented, deceivingly dark lyrics that seem to just roll off his tongue ("Ready to go, cocaine & camera phone, hopelessly young...”). Can anyone say college rock radio hit?

Although principal songwriter Fred Torphy hails from Rhody, there is no mistaking that Big Light is a San Francisco band. Songs like “Rainbow Eyes” and “Caution” evoke images of people and places in the city, painting a vivid picture of the bands make up . “Triceratops” sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, but it seems familiar, despite its angularity and abrasiveness. But that’s a good thing; it makes the change to the guitar break that much more welcomed. What makes this album stand out amongst the masses of unestablished bands out there is not only the songwriting, but the production. Engineer/Producer Jeremy Black (of Apollo Sunshine) worked with the band on its debut EP but now has seemed to grow with the band. The album is rich with layers and textures, vocal tracks, guitars and Bradly Bifulco's drums have never sounded better on any previous recording. So do yourself a favor and buy this album!

Fresh off a couple west coast gigs last weekend (including the band’s first headlining show at SF’s Independent), the band will play their first ever shows east of the Mississippi. Tonight they play guitarist Jeremy Korpas’ old stomping grounds, Asbury Park with Korpas’ old band Green Tag Sale. Saturday night is their NYC debut at Sullivan Hall. Being that the band is ¾ east coast transplants, this should prove to be a packed, energetic, stellar show. You if you live in the tri-state area or are an east coast music lover in need of a road trip this weekend, do yourself a favor and go see Big Light. Also, if any readers know peeps in Austin, Big Light will be at SXSW all next week in various locales.